Alvin McDonald

Vice President of Operations

About Alvin

Alvin McDonald is the Vice President of Operations (“VPO”) at Pyrometer Equipment Company. Alvin manages the Service Technicians that conduct on-site calibration and testing work, including but not limited to scheduling, procedures, materials, relations and training. He provides customers with expert services and has been for more than 16 years.  Alvin relies on that knowledge and extensive experience to train on calibrating thermal process control instrumentation, conducting furnace temperature uniformity surveys and system accuracy tests as well as exploring new business opportunities. Alvin is known for his attention to detail and his can do attitude. Customer satisfaction is always his top priority. Positive customer feedback tells the story of his success. From expert training, customer relations, adjusting PID tuning parameters to tighten furnace control, to finding the optimum location for process control thermocouples, to making burner adjustments in order to improve furnace uniformity, Alvin can and has done it all!