Pyrometer Equipment Company provides the necessary testing and certifications needed to meet all of your pyrometry specification requirements. We specialize in the calibration of temperature control instrumentation (i.e. controllers, recorders, high limit safeties, indicators, test instruments, calibrators and portables) pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, hygrometer/humidity meters, volt and amperes meters and conductivity instrumentation. All calibration and testing is conducted using certified test equipment traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Temperature uniformity surveys (TUS), temperature profiles and temperature mapping are conducted using state of the art data acquisition instrumentation to ensure accurate, repeatable test results.

System accuracy tests (SAT) are performed to verify the accuracy of temperature process control systems.

Our calibration laboratory includes a Fluke 5520A Standard used to calibrate field test instruments, calibrators, temperature recorders/data acquisition devices and digital thermometers.

Additional ServicesThe highest quality calibration and testing services in the industry.